Cote Nord Tremblant Pet- friendly policy  

We appreciate the difficulty of finding beautiful accommodations that offer pet-friendly spaces, which is why we have offered pet friendly chalet since we started our business in 2006. 

The following pet polices must be adhered to by you and your furry family member while staying in one of our accommodations: 

Pet Fees

  • Pets must be authorized prior to accepting reservations. When making your reservation, please provide us with details about your pets. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any booking if we are 100% confident that the house rules for pets will not be observed.
  • To assist with our cleaning and maintenance costs related to hosting pets such as insurance, additional cleaning fees, professionally cleaning of furniture, we have to charge an additional pet fee of $50 per night.  Please be sure to request this option when reserving
  • Pet parents are 100% responsible for any damage caused by their pets. The chalets and Spahaus are inspected and cleaned thoroughly between each guest.

Number of Pets, Security and Protection of Property 

  • The number of pets is limited to a maximum of 2
  • For both security and protection of the properties, only domesticated, well-socialized, and 100% house-trained pets are permitted in our accommodations. Pets are never to be left unsupervised in the chalets or Spahaus. If you leave the premises, pets must be left in a cage and never locked alone in the any room of the chalet 
  • Pets are not permitted on any furniture or beds. If we detect pets’ fur or other signs of pets on any furniture an additional cleaning fee will automatically be charged. If there is any damage to furniture (i.e. scratches, chew marks), there will be applicable repair or replacement fees taken from the security damage deposit.  
  • Pet owners must always pick-up after their pets inside and outside the chalet or Spahaus. This applies not only to the chalet property but the communities’ common areas and amenities. 
  • Please note the chalets are inspected & treated by an exterminator for rodents. Only pet/child/food-friendly commercially secure traps are used. You may see black plastic boxes in various closets and cabinets in the chalet or Spahaus. As well as outside around the foundation. 

Pet -friendly Neighbourly conduct 

  • Pets must always be on a leash when walking off the property’s premises. This includes the shared common areas and amenities. 
  • Pets owners must adhere to the rules & regulations at the designated common areas.
  •  Any disturbances, such as barking, should be curtailed to ensure that other guests are not disturbed or inconvenienced.