Geocaching in the Laurentians


Discover Mont-Tremblant, our beautiful region!

Geocaching is a type of outdoor treasure hunt in which people use a GPS to locate small containers that others have hidden here and there around Côté Nord Tremblant. The concealed items often contain a notebook, a pencil and… a surprise! When a player finds a container, he must write down a bit of information about himself in the notebook, take one of the found treasures and leave something in exchange for the next player to find, and place the container back in its original location. Furthermore, each player must share his adventure on the website before continuing the hunt. Participants interested in playing the game can find the cache coordinates at
Note: Players must have a GPS.
GPS rentals are available for $20.00 (plus taxes)

Caching etiquette!

Geocaching brings personal responsibility into play when finding and creating caches. Respect your own safety and that of others. Be sure that your actions are respectful of the belongings of others. There is no need to destroy the immediate environment in order to find a cache! Sometimes, all you need to do is lift up a rock, move a branch or some other object… and you must put everything back the way it was when you found it.

Be sure that you know local bylaws and regulations.
Geocachers are morally bound to respect Mother Earth. Please ensure that your hiding places are not harmful to the natural environment and that your hunts for caches are done with similar care.

GPS rentals are available for $20.00 (plus taxes)